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100% Authentic Devgad Alphonso

We are partnered with Farmers who are hailed from Devgad.

Devgad is a taluka in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra India.

Our Prime objective is to provide quality taste to individuals. 

Our Team Members Mr. & Mrs. Bhave,  who also from Konkan visited the Individual farms & taste the Devgad Alphonso (Hapus).
We will assure you that the Taste you will just love it.

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Available: Pune, PCMC, Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai

100% Authentic

Direct from the Farm. Partnered with farmers

@ Affordable Price

Taste the Pure Devgad Alphonso at Affordable rate.

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Direct from Farm to Home. Booking started

220gm to 300 Gram

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Mix & Green (Kacha) Mangoes. Delivery Time 2/3 days

Min. Order 2/4/5 Dz. 
Available: Mumbai & Pune Surrounding area

*Rates may change as per market

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Mix & Green (Kacha) Mangoes. Delivery Time 2/3 days

Min. Quantity 50+ peti. 1 peti = 4/5Dozen
Available: Mumbai & Pune Surrounding area
*Rates may change as per Market

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Delivery time with 2-3 days.
Call/ Whatsapp for Bulk Order Discount +91 9653 65  8323


Mango Grows across India but King of Mango Alphonso Mango grows in Konkan which is now Geographical Tag Certified.

We are getting these mangoes from Devgad Taluka. We are partnered with few Farmers. Direct from Farm  to Home

Devgad Mangoes Grade are based on its size. and based on Grade price vary

Grade with Size. Most of the farmers sale mangoes with mix grade. Its difficult for Small land farmers to do grade wise separation.
A1+ : 300 gram avg

A1   : 275 gram  avg

1     250 gram  avg

2     : 225 gram  avg

3     : 200 gram  avg

4     : 175 gram  avg

You can Call or whatsapp on +91 9653658323
or fill the enquiry form present in this page

Currently, Shidori Gharo Ghari ™ is servicing  in Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad areas & Mumbai-Thane and near by areas.

As per availability of Grade*


  • Free standard delivery of 4/5 days
  • Delivery is Direct from Farm to Home

We are here looking for 50% advanced. and 50% at the time of out for delivery.

Orders once placed and paid for will not be cancelled.

Our partnered farmers  will harvest the fruits to process your orders. Once harvested, its difficult to manage as we can not put back on trees.

  • Devgad Mangoes are very much delicate fruits & also they may likely be impacted by climate change.
  • From our partnered farmers we assure you that, farmers do not pack bad mangoes while shipping.
  • As our partner farmers & our prime objective and goal is to deliver quality food. Customer should enjoy every taste, that’s our goal.
  • Still, in-case you received but its very rare, we will surely do a replacement in 2 cases. If you received Damaged & Bad or Rotten.
  • You need to take video and image send us at +91 9653658323. Make sure you will provide the details in 12 hours.
  • In case of No replacement possible due to any reason such as courier availability we will adjust on your next order.
  • Shelf life of the mangoes is 4 to 5 days, from delivery to you, after that mango taste starts dropping day by day.
  • If wrinkles are visible on the Mangoes, that means the shelf life is getting over
  • Do not refrigerate mangoes

Note: Be assure no single penny get wasted. Here, we are for to provide quality food at affordable price. We as farmer looking for long term relationship with you. and we bound to give you quality.

Yes, we are happy to work out best price for you.  Just call or whatsapp us on +91 9653658323

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Farm fresh hand- picked Alphonso from Devgad, Konkan.

  • Residue Free
  • Naturally Ripened
  • @ Reasonable Price

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Direct from Farm to Home from Trusted Farmers.

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Devgad Mango Tree

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