Shidori Gharo Ghari Jaggery

Proudly launch Chemical Free, Pure & Natural Jaggery Powder & Bars – Shidori Gharo Ghari

It’s gives us immense joy and pleasure to announce the launch of something that has been a very special and close to heart cause.
With the constant ups and downs of the pandemic, with constant scares of immunity not keeping upto the mark, we all have been too worried.
We all are stressed and tried to come up with our own methods to keep up with immunity by finding out different methods.
But not anymore..!!

Team Shidori along with Team Gudwel is Happy to announce the launch of our very own immunity booster, anti inflammatory, completely chemical free “JAGGERY POWDER AND JAGGERY BARS”

A 100% replacement of sugar.

A must have product at home to reduce the risks of health scare.

A happy alternative for diabetic people.

Must try..!!

For pricing and more details, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp @ 9653658323


  • Chemical Free
  • Immunity booster
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improve digestion
  • Improve heart Health
  • 100% Replacement of Sugar
  • Rich in Iron
  • Nourishes Skin

100% Pure | No Preservatives | No Artificial Colors| No Artificial Flavours

Did You Know?

Jaggery Powder is a Natural Sweetener. It acts as an Immunity Booster & also Improves Digestion

Nutritional Information

Approximate value for 100gm

Energy Value – 375 K Cal

Protein Value – 1.03%

Moisture – 4.81%

Carbohydrates – 92.30%

Fat 0.1%

Calcium – 155.58%


100% Jaggery Powder 

Ideal used for:

Tea, Coffee, Milk, Laddu & Kheer, Halwa, Hot & Cold Chocolate, Smoothies & Milkshakes, Baking

For pricing and more details,
feel free to contact us on WhatsApp @ 9653658323

Happy 1st Anniversary Shidori Gharo Ghari

What a year it has been..!!
We had never imagined We would start something like Shidori Gharo Ghari if the year had been a normal one..!!
When Shidori started it was a dream, not knowing how we will go ahead.. how we will grow.. how we will achieve what we wanted and importantly how will we handle it with the pandemic in full swing.
But looking back at the entire year, WE MADE IT HAPPEN.
All those restless nights, the hard work, the fights, the make-ups, the ups and downs, all of it was worth it..
We are immensely proud and Happy on successfully completing One Year..!!
And dear food lovers, this was possible only because you held our backs.. Had these amazing views and reviews, feedbacks for us..!

Happy Anniversary to US..
Happy Anniversary to Shidori Gharo Ghari..

And a big shout out to our Chef, our founder who held our back.. Mrs. Kalpana..
Happy Birthday to you too.. 🎂